Investor Opportunities

In todays market, we as investors are looking for an investment that takes little upkeep, produces a residual income on a monthly bases and basically runs itself.  Most of us thing of mutual funds or stock investments, believe that they are safe investments.  Unfortunately this ideal couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The realism of this theory is based on innovations, trends, and lastly how the market feels about the product.

When it comes to real property investment, the property is a touch and feel commodity.  It is tangible and real for many years and if cared for can last life times.   We are talking about a home or a residence for the owner, investor or tenant.

So how can a home be an investment?

There are several ways to accomplish this task.  In the next few paragraphs the basics will be laid out for you the investor to engage in a new way to invest your money.

Types of homes to consider:

  • •Modular homes in Parks, Modular Home Parks, and Modular Communities
  • •Private investment homes, duplexes, triplexes and row housing
  • •Developments Large Scale
  • •Institutions, municipal offices, private schools, daycares,
  • •Commercial, residential/store fronts, businesses, strip malls
  • •Recreational Models for RV Parks, Rentals,
  • •Cottages for rent in remote areas.
  • •Retirement Plans

There are several ways to invest your money, but the real question is when you invest in the stocks or mutual funds, the investment is 100% your money invested.  When you invest in the a Modular commodity, you can leverage your money and invest as little as 5%-20% on average per investment.

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